Annual policy renewal: What are the trustees’ responsibilities?

Included in the executive duties as per regulation 14 of the CSOS Act, the scheme executives must take reasonable steps to obtain sufficient information and advice on matters to be decided on so they can make conscientious and informed decisions. Insurance renewal It is good practice is for the trustees to deal with the insurance | Read More

Common property and disclaimer boards

Disclaimer boards around common property in community schemes have always been a prickly issue with the main question being around their effectiveness. We have always viewed disclaimer boards prominently displayed at entrances and around common property as being important but it is important that these are up to date with the latest legislation and always | Read More

Rising damp and moisture ingress – is this covered by insurance?

A recent claim involved consulting structural engineers to recommend a solution to an ongoing problem with rising damp and moisture ingress surrounding an extensive area of floors and walls in a ground floor flat. The exterior of the flat – being common property exclusive use area, comprising part garden and part paving – was saturated. | Read More

Cover for security guard services

Costs to cover security guards are viewed as a consequential loss; therefore, it is not automatically included in all policies. Most insurance policies include additional benefit extensions, providing damage cover to the insured buildings. This benefit extension – if provided by your policy-  is usually limited to an amount between R5,000 and R10,000 per damages | Read More

What recourse do you have when your claim is rejected?

In a previous blog, we dealt with claim rejections in some detail. We stated: Where the body corporate agrees with the rejection and the owner disagrees, the trustee’s decision will stand as they are mandated to represent and attend to the claims for the insured. If an owner disagrees and is in dispute with the | Read More