Claim settlement delays and frustrations

Occasionally, parts of South Africa are subjected to extreme conditions and occurrences bringing about unusual amounts of property loss and damage. At these times most of us are grateful that we bought and paid for that insurance policy. Unfortunately, that relief sometimes turns to frustration when claims are not processed or settled as quickly or | Read More

Sectional title insurance and the advice process

Since the introduction of the CSOS (Community Scheme Ombud Services) Act, the STSM (Sectional Title Scheme Management) Act, and relative rules and regulations, the insurance advice process in the sectional title environment is now even more important. The body corporate is the insured and the trustees need to be certain that they have arranged the | Read More

The difference between retaining walls and boundary walls

A boundary serves as a dividing structure between two pieces of land and a retaining wall serves to split levels of ground in order to prevent the higher level from subsiding onto the lower level. Therefore, a retaining wall carries a much higher risk than a simple boundary wall. This is also the reason why | Read More

How will recent global storms affect insurance premiums?

Severe storms hit Gauteng and Kwa-Zulu Natal last week with devastating effects, damaging several buildings and property. Global weather patterns are becoming more unpredictable as a result of global warming. Recent high-level hurricane systems caused mayhem throughout the Caribbean and southern states of the USA. Even Ireland was recently hit by a hurricane system for | Read More

The role of the insured in sectional title insurance

An insurance policy is always issued by the insurer who agrees to carry certain risks on behalf of the insured. The insured is the person or party who has an insurable interest in the property that is to be protected under the insurance policy. In a domestic insurance policy this is quite simple. A man | Read More