Email spoofing and the value of fidelity guarantee insurance

In terms of the current Community Schemes Ombud Service (CSOS) Act all community schemes are required to they have sufficient fidelity guarantee insurance, including protection against incidents of cybercrime. While many of us take great care and precaution when processing online financial transactions, how many of us exercise similar care in the processing of our | Read More

The untold value of a community schemes insurance specialist

There are many insurance advisors who are licensed to provide intermediary services and advice to community schemes but only a handful who have the experience, knowledge and resources to properly advise and service community schemes. What distinguishes an experienced broker? The ideal community schemes advisor must have a comprehensive understanding of insurance requirements as set | Read More

Why you need the annual record of advice in writing

In terms of FAIS (Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services) legislation, an advisor or broker is obliged to deal with their client in accordance with the General Code of Conduct for Authorised Financial Services Providers and Representatives. Published under Board Notice 80 in Government Gazette 25299 of 8 August 2003 and as amended. Here is the | Read More

Contractors Risk Insurance: Dealing with building works on property

Most insurance policies that provide cover for damage to buildings specifically exclude damages caused by contractors on site. This means that the moment any tool is lifted to attend to a repair, improvement or extension, cover ceases when any damage arises as a result of contract works. It is not uncommon for flooding events caused | Read More

Do you have sufficient geyser insurance?

In October 2018, the revised national building regulations relating to minimum requirements for geyser installations were implemented. Following this, we have found instances where clients are experiencing some complications in replacing existing geyser installations. Generally, property owners find that the initially allocated space for their existing geyser installation is insufficient to accommodate the new class-B | Read More