Owners’ responsibility to take care of common property

Community scheme owners can easily turn a blind eye to maintenance and safety responsibilities inside the borders of the property. All insurance policies contain conditional clauses that make this the responsibility of the insured client, in the case of a community scheme being ‘the collective of owners’. Regular inspections are needed Owners – particularly elected | Read More

Why you need to know your geyser information

A geyser is one of those fixtures most of us can no longer really do without, being reliant on the convenience of a ready supply of hot water. Most geysers are out of sight and out of mind, and all too often we simply forget about our geysers until something goes wrong. It is important | Read More

Loss of keys and remote access devices

All specialised communal property building insurance policies provide material damage cover for the insured property together with public or property owners’ liability cover. In terms of the specialised nature of these insurance policies, numerous other insurance sections and cover extensions are added to the policy. One such extension is the inclusion of limited cover for | Read More

How water cuts will affect building insurance

In August 2017, we first wrote about the possibility of water supply cuts in the cities affected by severe drought. Over the past four months, expected late rains did not do anything to alleviate the water supply crisis and dam levels have continued to reduce over the summer months. The City of Cape Town has | Read More

Liability claims arising from storm and wind damage

With regards to the recent storm conditions in Gauteng along with the usual strong winds along our coast line: Can a body corporate be held liable when a window or any other fixtures break loose and cause damage to third party property, or injury to third party people? The main perils here are storm, wind | Read More