Trustees and Insurance Renewals

As its title states, short term insurance policies are by the very nature of their description – short term. In financial terms, short term usually means within a year. Short term policies effectively expire after one year unless contractually, renewed. Buildings or community scheme policies are typically short-term policies. Financial advisors, intermediaries or insurance brokers | Read More

Meeting sectional title insurance challenges in 2018

The beginning of a new year is a good time to take stock of our risks and finances, getting our houses in order financially. It is important that trustees understand the sectional title insurance environment before informed decisions, planning and action can be taken. The large fires, storms, dramatic weather as well as increased damage | Read More

Festive Season Risk

As we wind down for the holiday season we should pause for a moment and consider the risks associated with holidays and the environment we live in. Factors such as socioeconomic trends, high unemployment, political uncertainty, the state of the economy and a culture of dishonest actions means that we have to be extra careful | Read More

Insurance for solar and electric geysers

The inclusion of insurance for water heating systems such as geysers is common – and expected – under every available building insurance policy. Over the last few years new types of heating systems have become increasingly popular and there is a growing trend to install alternative heating systems such as solar geysers, heat pumps and | Read More

Does a managing agent still need fidelity cover?

In short – yes. This blog is about the background and reason for this answer. Firstly, even if the managing agent holds an Estate Agents Affairs Board (EAAB)-issued Fidelity Fund Certificate (FFC), the EAAB itself still recommends that the managing agent estate agent arrange necessary fidelity cover. Quoted from the relevant section on the EAAB | Read More