Contractors Risk Insurance: Dealing with building works on property

Most insurance policies that provide cover for damage to buildings specifically exclude damages caused by contractors on site. This means that the moment any tool is lifted to attend to a repair, improvement or extension, cover ceases when any damage arises as a result of contract works. It is not uncommon for flooding events caused | Read More

Do you have sufficient geyser insurance?

In October 2018, the revised national building regulations relating to minimum requirements for geyser installations were implemented. Following this, we have found instances where clients are experiencing some complications in replacing existing geyser installations. Generally, property owners find that the initially allocated space for their existing geyser installation is insufficient to accommodate the new class-B | Read More

Trampolines on body corporate common property

Imagine the following scenario: An owner has just moved into the complex. They come from a large house where they previously had a trampoline installed and decide to donate it to the body corporate. Should the trustees accept this kind donation for the children in the complex? In our opinion, the managing agent who advises | Read More

Water storage tanks for rainwater harvesting

A common question that often arises around the issue of water tanks are: “Are water storage tanks (or Jo-Jo tanks) covered by the body corporate or home owners’ association buildings insurance policy and if so, what are the limitations?” Water storage tanks As a result of water shortages and related usage restrictions – especially in | Read More

Two common mistakes that often happens with exclusive use area additions

The Schedule of Replacement Values (SRV) needs to be prepared by the body corporate for each annual general meeting. In terms of PMR 23.(4), it must show: The replacement values of the buildings and all improvements to the common property; and The replacement value of each unit excluding the member’s interest in the land included | Read More