Water storage tanks for rainwater harvesting

A common question that often arises around the issue of water tanks are: “Are water storage tanks (or Jo-Jo tanks) covered by the body corporate or home owners’ association buildings insurance policy and if so, what are the limitations?” Water storage tanks As a result of water shortages and related usage restrictions – especially in | Read More

Two common mistakes that often happens with exclusive use area additions

The Schedule of Replacement Values (SRV) needs to be prepared by the body corporate for each annual general meeting. In terms of PMR 23.(4), it must show: The replacement values of the buildings and all improvements to the common property; and The replacement value of each unit excluding the member’s interest in the land included | Read More

Insurance excess and the member’s responsibility

There is a bit of history behind the sectional title excess rule in in South Africa. For many years – up until about 10 years ago – there was no rule stipulating who should pay the insurance excess. At that time, communities were divided as to whether the body corporate or the owner should pay | Read More

Supervision around common area swimming pools

It is alarming how many people will let their children go to the pool on common property without (adequate) supervision. Standard management rules or prescribed management rules do not even speak to swimming pool behavior. We can only hope that bodies corporate with swimming pools have their own revised swimming pool rules incorporated in their | Read More

Retaining walls and insurance

What is a retaining wall? A retaining wall is any wall serving the purpose of holding back soil or other material on one side of the wall, i.e. where the ground or surface levels on either side of the wall differ in height. Retaining walls are typically constructed as a sheer vertical wall or a | Read More