The risky season

It is around this time of year that we start reminding trustees and owners to take care around common property. We published a blog last year on festive season risk, suggesting that trustees send a notice to all owners about swimming pool supervision, etc. We also previously provided a checklist with tips on what to | Read More

Dealing with washing machines in sectional title units

In a sectional title environment, leaking water tends to find its way to the section below and as we know, washing machines (and their connections) leak from time to time. Water damage is a common problem. How do insurers generally view water damage caused by leaking washing machines and other appliances? Sudden event vs. occurring | Read More

What you need to know about vehicle impact damage

Impact damage is one of the many insured perils included in a property insurance policy. While the damage is most commonly caused by a third party to the insured property, it is not uncommon for the insured property to be the cause of its own damage and damage to third-party property. The most frequent type | Read More

How inflation affects insurance replacement cost

Building insurance cover is typically issued based on its replacement value. The replacement value of your property at the time of policy inception will unquestionably be affected by inflation during the period of cover. Inflation The costs of building materials, building services and other professional fees (such as architects and engineers) will increase over time. | Read More

Insurance implications of section extensions in sectional title complexes

It is quite common for owners in sectional title complexes to improve their sections by extending it, enclosing a balcony, adding a shade structure, extending a patio, or building a structure or swimming pool on the exclusive use area. Some estate agents will say anything Some estate agents will quickly assure potential buyers that such | Read More