The use of the lighthouse in our branding is significant and makes for an interesting brand story. The Addison family lineage includes a number of lighthouse keepers dating as far back as 1909, and with lighthouse keeping in our blood, we have an ingrained sense to protect and guide.

A lighthouse is a universal symbol for help, reliability, guidance and trust, and as Addsure is in the business of guiding and protecting clients and their assets, it is the perfect symbol to represent what we do in our business.

South Africa boasts some beautiful lighthouses set in some magnificent settings. Here are a few of the most significant lighthouses around the South African coastline:




There are a number of interesting books, publications and websites on South African lighthouses; most have some historical reference to the Addison and Spring families from which Addsure’s branding descends.

Here are two books we can recommend if you are interested in further reading:

Southern Lights: Lighthouses of Southern Africa – Harold Williams

Lighthouses of South Africa – Gerald Hoberman