Addsure Claim Form – General
Addsure’s claim form is recommended and approved by our principal insurers / underwriting managers.

The form is specifically designed to meet sectional title legislation / standard sectional title management rules, i.e.

  1. The body corporate is the insured and if a claim pertains to damage inside a section, the owner, although has rights, is effectively the witness.
  2. Any document is only binding if signed by 2 trustees or one trustee and the managing agent.

The form has been designed in a user friendly and easy to complete format.

Addsure Claim Form – Geyser
One-stop claim form for geyser claims.

  1. To appoint Addsure as your financial advisor / broker / servicing intermediary. Download the Addsure Broker Appointment Form
  2. To permit Addsure staff to obtain current policy information but not yet appoint Addsure. Download the Addsure Broker Authority Form

Buildings Policy – Detailed Letter of Advice
This letter of advice needs to be read in conjunction with the letter of advice summary and comparisons addressed to your body corporate.

Sectional title properties are required to be valued at least every three years in terms of prescribed management rules.

We have identified a number of recommended valuers who follow Addsure’s standard guidelines.

Sectional Title Insurance Guide

The Sectional Title Insurance Guide is a useful tool for managing agents, trustees and interested owners. It has become widely known as the Sectional Title Insurance textbook and forms part of the Addsure advice process. For the latest Sectional Title Insurance Guide, click here.

Sectional Title AGM Handout

This useful AGM handout assists owners to follow the ‘Insurance’ section of the agenda, understand the Schedule of Replacement Values (SRV) and provides the chairperson with a useful guideline at the AGM.

It is a very useful document to include with AGM packs ahead of the AGM.